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Program 1

Fast Track Guitar program (Short term Program)

Program Overview (Fast Track Guitar program)

A Fast Track comprehensive program designed to make you Stage Ready! 

Training Method & Lesson Modules designed to make the learning process Simple & Easy ! Develop the skills to play a variety of genres in a short time, which normally takes couple of years to develop ! 


The FAQ’s are from questions asked by people, from training experience and Student feedback

General FAQ’s

Is this program for Beginners ?

Yes. The program is designed for Absolute Beginners & Experienced Guitarists

I just want to learn guitar as a Hobby. Will this program suit me ?

Yes. The program is designed for everybody whether you are learning the guitar as a Hobby, to be a Pro or Semi- Pro musician, or just learning for Fun !

I have experience. Will this program suit me ?

Yes. Based on your experience you can take up this program at an appropriate Level or take up the “Intermediate-Advanced Program” or “Fingerstyle Program” based on your requirement.

Can the program be taken Online ? Can i learn Guitar online ?

Yes. All the programs are designed for Online (Face to Face) classes. An online format where the instructor and student meet on Live video. You can avail one online session before enrolment. For more info & FAQ's please visit the “Online Classes” page

Is there a Minimum or Maximum age to take up the program ?

The Minimum age is 13 Years. There is no Maximum age limit

What is considered being "Good" at the guitar ? How long does it take to be “Good” at the Guitar ?

For Beginners the very decision to learn the guitar and play few musical pieces is considered good ! Being “Good” depends on the level to which an individual wants to build the skills. The expectation is that an individual should have strong fundamentals, able to play songs & instrumental pieces from various genres well, and sound good to self & listener.

Time frame depends on individual’s effort and the overall training system. With a good system and individual’s effort, in 3 to 4 months you can be good at the guitar.

What is Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced courses ? Are the courses similar in all places ?

This is just a general classification ! There is a big difference in the quality of courses & training method from place to place, and this is one of the important factors while learning the guitar. Unless there is structured logical approach towards learning, being good at the guitar will take a long time !

I have been learning Online from YouTube. I know few chords but unable to play anything ?

This is a common question. A guaranteed failure ! YouTube, Apps and other internet resources are random materials which are good only as reference. Most people will be lost in a very short time trying to learn from these resources.

I have tried learning from different places. Am not satisfied with my skills & not learnt much ?

This is a common feedback. Unless your fundamentals are strong and you are learning from a good system, these are common issues. Plus an individual’s interest & effort is also important.

Beginners & also Experienced guitarist should do a good check on the quality of course, quality of instructor, the overall training system, and make an informed decision !

I am interested to learn songs only from a particular genre !

Genre is a personal choice and liking. But unless you learn songs and other important things from various genres, your playing skills & creativity on the guitar will not develop ! Once you have learnt the guitar well you can always do work in the genre you like.

How many classes are provided per Month ?

Standard for all programs is 4 classes per Month/ 1 Class per Week. If you are on vacation or have enough free time to attend and practice, 8 classes per Month/ 2 Classes per Week can be taken.

I am quiet old ? Can i learn the guitar at this age?

Students in BGA are from all age groups from 12 to 60 ! Anybody can learn to play any instrument at any age. Age is an irrelevant factor. The only driving factor is your interest to learn & explore. 

Is talent required to be good at the Guitar ?

Every individual is talented and has a natural instinct towards music. Probably talent is the most misused word in music !! Learning the guitar is simply developing motor skills, just like learning to type on the keyboard with both Left & Right hand fingers.

The only thing that sets apart two individuals playing the guitar is the “Individuals creativity” & “Skill levels” on the guitar

Fast Track Program FAQ’s

What is the duration of the program ?

All details provided in the program description & structure

What can i Expect from the program ?

The Fast track program is designed to develop skills in a short time with strong focus on fundamentals in all areas of playing, and building versatility to be able to play songs & instrumental pieces from various genres. 

How are the Lesson material provided ? How much Practice is required at Home ?

All Lessons are provided in soft copies along with audio tracks in lessons packs called “Modules”.

The program is designed for “Minimum Practice Maximum Value”. "Practice Schedules" provided in every Module for ease of learning & efficient utilisation of practice time.

Is Theory important ? Will i Learn Theory ?

The program follows “Minimum theory Maximum playability”. Theory is important but the fact is that you don’t need to know any theory to be a skillful & creative guitarist. The focus of the program is to develop guitar playing skills quickly ! 

The important theory that is required to know is covered in the program. 

Is it a certification program? Do you provide support for other certification?

No. Music certification is of no use to anybody. It is a complete waste of time and money. In music it is all about your skills on an instrument & your creativity.

But you will learn better if you are a doing a full time degree or specialization in a "Professional music college", and this certification will have some value if you are looking for a job in music !

Fast Track Foundation Overview (3 Month Course)

Course designed for Absolute beginners & guitarists with basic experience, with strong focus on fundamentals in all areas of playing and learning songs & instrumental from different genres

Course Duration (Depending on Individuals):           

Absolute Beginners : Between 3 to 4 Months                                                        Guitarist with basic experience : Between 2 to 3 Months


  • Learn Tablature (TAB) , the easiest method to read music
  • Learn to read Chord Diagrams
  • Learn the fundamental Left & Right hand techniques & posture
  • Learn free hand warm up exercises

Chords & Chord Progressions

  • Learn all the fundamental chords & chord progressions that are used to play hundreds of songs across genres
  • Learn various strumming patterns & techniques used in songs across genres
  • Learn the techniques & exercises to easily shift chords in a chord progression and learn the aspects of efficiency of movement between chords


  • Learn the important techniques to develop pick attack & control to build good right hand technique
  • Learn the Alternate picking technique to develop fluidity in Right hand
  • Learn exercises & Riffs to develop good pick attack & control and Alternate picking technique
  • Learn basic soloing techniques

Songs & Instrumental across genres

  • Learn Songs & instrumental pieces from Western music and Bollywood to build versatility in your playing
  • Learn songs using a "Simplified Learning Method". A method designed to play any song easily. 
  • Every Song & Instrumental Lesson comes with clear details of song structure, chords, progressions, strumming patterns & techniques, solos & Riffs etc, along with audio tracks & backing tracks 
  • Learn to improvise vocals melody of songs on the guitar

Fast Track Intermediate Overview (4 Month Course)

Take your playing to the next Level.. Master the Guitar !

Course Duration (Depending on Individuals): Between 3 to 5 Months         

Chords & Chord Progressions

  • Learn Power chords and Bar chords
  • Learn various Power chord and Bar chord progressions


  • Learn the important strumming techniques like Staccato, Palm Mute, Dead  Notes, Rest etc to implement dynamics in your playing
  • Learn various soloing techniques like vibrato, hammer-on/pull-off, slides etc used to play guitar solos
  • Speed building exercises to build speed & accuracy and develop the alternate picking technique

Songs & Instrumental across genres

  • Learn Songs & instrumental pieces  from various genres to build versatility in your playing. Learn to implement strumming techniques & dynamics to make your playing professional sounding.
  • Learn to improvise keyboard, saxophone and other instrumentation from songs and theme music on the guitar

Music Theory & Composition

  • Learn the fundamental theory of Major & Minor scales
  • Learn the theory of Chord families and relationship with scales
  • Learn the important aspect of "Time Values" using music notation
  • Learn the basics of song writing, song structure and composition 


  • Workshop designed to perfect your playing to perform Live
  • Learn to play with metronome & backing tracks to play in time to sound professional

Take your Guitar skills to the next Level !

Continue into the "Intermediate - Advanced Guitar Program" Or "Fingerstyle Guitar Program"

Program 2

Fingerstyle Guitar program (Short term Program)

Program Overview (Fingerstyle Guitar program)

A short term Comprehensive Fingerstyle guitar program focused on various genres to build versatility in your playing. Zero theory Maximum playability !

Program designed for Solo Performances !

Program Duration (Depending on Individuals): Between 4 to 6 Months 

Normally to learn various fingerstyle genres and wide variety of pieces would take at least 2 years or more! This short term program is designed with a logical approach towards fingerstlye & designed only for experienced guitarist


  • Absolute Beginners interested in fingerstyle have to complete "Foundation" of the "Fast Track Guitar Program" to take up the fingerstyle program

Guitar Required : Steel string Acoustic or Nylon string classical guitar

Learn Songs & Pieces from various genres

  • Western classical
  • Folk Instrumental from variuos geographies
  • Classical & Spanish Romance 
  • Flamenco
  • Fingerstyle Cover songs from various genres like pop, rock, spanish etc
  • Improvising cover songs to fingerstyle instrumental

Right Hand Fundamentals

Learn the important exercises & techniques to build right hand finger independence,

  • Picking Techniques
  • Plucking techniques
  • Combining Picking & Plucking techniques
  • Strumming chords using thumb 
  • Developing Right & Left Hand finger coordination
  • Etudes, studies and chord arpeggio patterns to develop good coordination between Right & Left hand fingers

Flamenco Rasgueado & Rumba

  • Learn various Rasgueado Techniques to build flamenco style playing using all five Right Hand fingers
  • Learn various Rumba strumming patterns
  • Learn to use percussion along with strumming patterns
  • Learn to improvise Rumba strumming patterns in cover songs

Practice Schedules (Minimum Practice Maximum Vale):

Clearly defined "Practice Schedules" across the program for ease of learning & efficient utilisation of practice time

Program 3

Intermediate - Advanced Guitar Program

Program Overview (Intermediate - Advanced Guitar Program)

An advanced guitar program designed to make you a Pro Guitarist !

This Program is designed for Experienced guitarists or students who have completed the "Fast Track Guitar Program".

Duration (Depending on Individuals):            

Experienced Guitarist : Between 6 to 10 Months

Songs & Instrumental across genres

  • Learn to play technically advanced songs and instrumental pieces from various genres.
  • Learn various musical aspects and techniques used in genres like Rock, Blues, Techno, Pop, Metal etc to build versatility in your playing
  • Build strong playing skills on Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Scales & Chord Theory

  • Learn all the shapes of Major, Minor and Pentatonic scales 
  • Learn the Harmonic Minor, Blues scale, modes etc and learn to use scale combinations to build solos
  • Learn various scale patterns to build speed and melodic ideas
  • Learn to use scales creatively to compose musical phrases & solos 
  • Learn the theory of chord formation, inversions and extended chord theory
  • Learn about chord harmonies

Electric Guitar Techniques & Soloing

  • Build speed and accuracy in your playing and master the alternate, economy and sweep picking techniques
  • Learn to use distortion effects & pedals 
  • Learn various licks, runs and solo pieces to build soloing techniques 
  • Learn soloing techniques like string bending, two handed tapping, artificial harmonics, string skipping arpeggios, legato runs etc.
  • Learn to use scales and arpeggio techniques to shred across the fretboard
  • Learn to improvise against backing tracks
  • Learn some of the coolest songs & solos from Rock & Metal genre to build strong electric guitar techniques 


  • Workshops  designed to fine tune you playing, build speed, timing and perfection in playing

Practice Schedules (Minimum Practice Maximum Vale):

  • Clearly defined "Practice Schedules" across the program for ease of learning & efficient utilisation of practice time