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Online "Face to Face" Live Sessions

Learn guitar Online from the comfort of your home !! A Professional Online format where the Instructor and Student meet Online face to face on Live video.   

All the Guitar programs are designed for Online training. 

Training on a "One on One- Individual Private Lesson" format.


  • A desktop or laptop with good internet connection 
  • A Webcam. Either inbuilt in you machine or an external Webcam
  • An Acoustic guitar or an Electric guitar


  • Professional Video conferencing tools to provide you the best learning experience
  • Training via multiple external HD video cameras to provide you HD quality Live video streaming
  • Multiple Video angles of the Guitar with close-up and standard views. 
  • Large screen HD display panels for clear view of students
  • External High Quality studio microphones for clear audio and noise cancellation
  • High Speed internet to stream Live HD Videos
  • Easy screen sharing for live interaction and demonstration. 

Experience the BGA Online format ! Avail One Online Session

Online Live Demo Session

*Average Audio/Video quality as this is a recorded Live session using an inbuilt app


Is it Pre- Recorded videos ?

Absolutely not !! Online courses with Pre-Recorded videos can never give the learning experience that you get from learning face to face from a Instructor. 

Why can’t I learn from the internet and YouTube videos ?

  • The material available in YouTube and various other internet sources are random material which can be used only as reference. Most people will be lost in a very short time trying to learn from these resources.
  • Learning the Guitar is progressive. You get the short term & long term benefits by following a well structured program under the guidance of a good Instructor

What  is the difference between Online and Studio lessons ?

Both are the same. The difference is that in online, the student and Instructor meet face to face on Live video. Irrespective of Online or Studio format the important factors that will make you a good Guitarist are

  • An experienced & motivational Instructor who can help students reach their guitar playing goals
  • Logically structured & easy to understand Guitar programs 
  • Training Method to develop skills at a fast pace

Is Online better than Studio lessons ?

Both are the same. But the biggest advantage of Online is that you can choose to Learn from the best ! You are no more constrained to a local area !

  • Convenience of learning from your home at a time that suits you the best
  • More focused learning. No disturbances from other students and instruments
  • Take lessons from any part of the world
  • No worries of travelling, traffic jams or rain ! You save on fuel bills too !!

Can an Absolute Beginner learn Online ?

Absolutely Yes ! As mentioned above the only difference is that in online, the student and Instructor meet face to face on Live video