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Meet your Trainer... Ramesh K Ravindran is the founder of BGA. He is a Professional Musician, Guitarist and Guitar Trainer with 12 years of experience. His musical influences have been from a wide genre from Rock, Metal, Instrumental to Techno, Pop, Classical, Flamenco and various Indian music genres. He is a versatile guitarist with good command over the Electric, Acoustic and Fingerstyle classical guitar.

He has studied the guitar curriculum followed by some of the reputed music institutions like “Berklee College of Music” and “Trinity College London”, and has been trained in "Audio Recording and Mastering".  

In addition to his commitment to BGA , his interests are in collaborating with various artists to compose and produce music across various genres. Below are videos of his Original Guitar Compositions..

Guitar Instrumental

He holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to being a Professional Musician, he has been a Project Manager in the Mechanical Engineering field. A major part of his Engineering career was spent in "HCL Technologies" focussing on Program management, Training and Skill development.

His passion for Music, along with the expertise gained in the corporate sector and his desire to provide high standards of Guitar Training has resulted in establishing BGA.